Monday, August 10, 2009

PC Mailday - 8/10/2009 [Weaver, Doerr, Roy]

New cards to add to my PC and an update on a current 2009 Topps Finest Angel's 'set' I'm working on. First, let's take a look at some of the cards I got in the mail today, just a few pieces to add to my growing collection.

Here's a look at a 2007 Upper Deck Premier - Jered Weaver Insignias Autographs IN-JW Serial #'ed 16/50!!!

Getting cards of this quality for $7 shipped is just an opportunity I can't pass on. Jered Weaver has a very unique signature, as you can tell he's a master of drawing multiple circles. It's alright though, at least he uses the majority of the space provided and he adds more then his initials (even if it's circles instead... whatever, I'm okay with it). The black border looks great on this card and there isn't to much chipping which is very common with dark colored borders.

Scan of the card:
Next is just a small pick up of a ballplayer I've recently started to learn about and thus sparked my interest in collecting his cards. Bobby Doerr is a Hall of Fame second basemen who played for the Boston Red Sox alongside the likes of Ted Williams and other legends. A little insight to his career from the back of the card reads, "After spending all 14 of his ML seasons with the Red Sox, earning nine trips to the All-Star Game and ranking among the AL leaders in RBI on eight occasions, Doerr was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1986 and had his number retired by Boston in 1988." Pretty damn impressive. I had the honor of meeting Bobby Doerr in my local card shop since he lives in Oregon and had the opportunity to take a photo with him which he later signed. Hopefully I'll be able to get this card signed along with others I have (I'll be sure to post them later if I manage to get them signed).

Scan of the card: 2006 Ultimate Collection Baseball - Bobby Doerr #195 Serial #'ed 448/799

And now... a 2008-09 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Basketball - Brandon Roy #69 Serial #'ed 283/499. This is a cool card and I was able to add it to my collection for less then $1 not including shipping costs. Anyway, the only basketball cards I'm interested in are blazers so there's no point in busting any Ultimate Collection and going broke. It also makes no point when I can pick up these cool looking base cards for 1/100th of a box price that holds 4 cards. All-in-all this is a neat card that I'm happy I could pick up to add to my collection since Brandon Roy is just insane. I'm also happy knowing he will be around for another five years. Now I'll be looking to add some other Ultimate Collection cards to complement this base card, hopefully at a decent price.

Scan of the card:

This post is rather lengthy so I'll update you on the rainbow 09 Finest baseball Angel's set I'm working on and the cards I'm still looking for in my next post.

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