Saturday, August 1, 2009

1999 Skybox Thunder Baseball Pack Break!!!

I picked up this 1999 Skybox Thunder MLB pack today along with the 2009 Topps Football packs listed below. This pack just caught my eye and I decided to check it out.

1999 Skybox Thunder hobby pack consists of 8 Major League Baseball Cards. This set has a total of 300 cards and some numbered parallels such as 'rave' cards #'ed 150 and 'super rave' #'ed to 25 along with a bunch of others I didn't receive.

Now here's a look at the pack itself and a little fold out ad I received in my pack along with my 8 MLB cards. The ad is for the chance to win a 'All-Star Baseball 2000 N-64 video game from Acclaim Sports' cool! Anyway, the ad features a nice shot of Jeter and when folded in half it's the same size as your normal sports card. This would be a unique piece to add to your Derek Jeter or New York Yankee collection even though it's not a card. Anyway here is the scan.

Now on to the cards. This set is rather entertaining because on the back of each card, instead of attempting to describe a player through a particular event or moment in their career, Skybox decided to become rapper's, throwing down interesting rhymes and lines that I found quite entertaining to read. I'm even thinking about picking up a few more packs just to read the backs. I'll list all eight cards I received in my pack along with the little creativity Skybox threw onto the back of each describing the individual players. First, here are a scan of what these cards look like.

Cards I received in my pack accompained by the text from the back's:

#21 - Kevin Millwood: "Give it up, K.M.. we love the way you slay'em, mowin' 'em down one-by-one is what you do for fun."

#39 - Jaret Wright: "Your style on the diamond is tight, Jaret. And your game is solid gold --- 14 karat. Yeah, we want some of that." <--- this one... Jaret and 14 karat... good one skybox!

#97 - Reggie Sanders: "Reg-gie... Reg-gie... Reg-gie. We're callin' out your name 'cause you got game. and you know this. Keep it real, dawg." <--- Reminds me of a freestyle rapper that doesn't know how to start. Reggie... um... sh!t... Reggie... doh... still thinking... Reggie... yah uh you got game keep it real dog. anyway whatever.

#123 - Andy Benes: "When you're on the mound. Batters better bring their notebooks... cause they're gonna get schooled. Class is now in session." <--- This guy must have been one badass pitcher.

#132 - Rob Fick: "The way you play... from beginning to the endin'... we wonder how you ever lose, 'cause you aint pretendin'." <--- no clue what to say I guess this guy really hustled... like all the time.

#177 - Matt Morris: "Let's hear it for Matt Morris, the M&M boy. How appropriate, 'cause your tight game is sweeter than chocolate." <--- this is one player I was familiar with along w/ cone, millwood, and sanders. I'm not sure this silly description does him any justice though.

#206 - Mike Frank: "Terrorizin' pitchers is what you're all about, and it ain't in your plans to get struck out. So you start flexin' and show your clout." <--- clout = power, muscle and in baseball perhaps a long powerful hit (I just looked it up). I guess this guy didn't strike out much or maybe he was just a muscle head who never got to the plate much. I really don't know, nor do I really care... on to the next card!

#236 - David Cone: "The coneheads are goin' buck wild when it's your turn to start. Control that's second to none is what sets you apart. True That." <--- David Cone is one of the few players in this pack I'm familiar with. Not a huge fan of Cone, esp. since I used to enjoy being the Braves when I faced off with my brother (who used the Yankee's) on our good old school N-64 gaming console.

#297 - Matt Anderson: "With a heater toppin' out at 103 mph, your style is straight imposin'. You're the intimidatin' Tiger... tamin' the opposition." <--- Dang, atleast this guy could throw some heat. No clue as to how effective he was though.

Anyway that wraps up that eight card pack (although I noticed I received 9 cards, sweet! hotpack?). I enjoyed reading skybox's attempt to bust a rhyme and might even pick up a pack or two in the future just to have some kicks at what they were able to compose. Let me know what you think... perhap's just stats and some basic information is more of what your looking for when it comes to card backs.

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  1. Congrats on the new site and store..... hope you have as much fun as i have had on here! <-------Collects DONTRELLE WILLIS and Florida Marlins....Dude i have a boat load of football cards i would love to get rid of... let me know!