Saturday, August 1, 2009

2009 Topps Football - 2 pack break!

After roaming the streets and hitting up two hobby shops in the Portland area, I came home with two packs of 2009 Topps football, 3 packs of 1989 Fleer Baseball, 1 pack of 1999 Skybox Thunder Baseball, and a 2007 Bowman Heritage Hobby Box. I picked this all up from one shop since the other was out of business and the space was up for rent (wish I new this before wasting my time searching for the damn place). Anyway on to the cards I recieved in my 2009 Topps Football packs, I will list the others in upcoming posts.

Two packs of 2009 Topps Football @ $2.00/pack:

pack 2 scans:

Pack 1:
#37 - Leon Washington (Jets)
#76 - Devery Henderson (Saints)
#150 - Brady Quinn (Browns)
#204 - Keith Rivers - Gold - #'ed 0790/2009 (Bengals)
#209 - Todd Heap (Ravens)
#211 - Santana Moss (Redskins)
#335 - Hakeem Nicks (Giants) - Nice rookie to pull along with Knowshon turned out to be a decent pack in my opinion.
#343 - Brandon Tate - Rookie (Patriots)
#390 - Knowshon Moreno - Rookie (Broncos) - Interested to see Knowshon perform in the NFL after I watched him run all over the Hawaii Warriors in the 2007 Sugar Bowl... Brutal.
#TTT9 - Matt Ryan (Falcons) - Can't go wrong with a Matt Ryan card, even if it's one of those silly cards.

Pack 2 Scans:

pack 2:
#18 - Jason Campbell (Redskins) - Move aside and let Colt Brennan get some playing time!
#20 - LaDainian Tomlinson (Chargers)
#70 - Antonio Gates (Chargers)
#121 - Ted Ginn Jr. (Dolphins)
#125 - Thomas Jones (Jets)
#170 - Jon Beason (Panthers)
#403 - Rashad Jennings - Rookie (Jaguars)
#407 - Mike Goodson - Rookie (Panthers)
#TTT8 - Philip Rivers - Gold (Chargers)
#C5 - Kayla S. (Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleader) - She was the 2008-09 Rookie Cheerleader of the year. What an interesting card to find... Cheerleader cards now? really... Atleast I'm 2 for 2 in getting 2008 Rookie of the year cards.

2 pack review: Overall, I'd say not to bad for 2 packs. I got two 2008 R.O.Y one being Matt Ryan of the Falcons and the other Cheerleader Kayla S. of the ROAR a.k.a. Jaguars Cheer Squad. Not sure how I feel about the cheerleader insert set and was rather suprised when I saw it. Pulled some decent rookies in Hakeem Nicks and Knowshon Moreno, let's see how they do this season. The card design is nice and simple and much better then the rather ridiculous 2008 design. Perhaps I'll be thinking about purchasing a box or two of this product when the prices drop (they always do).

** All are available if your interested in anything feel free to send me any offers at

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