Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hobby Shop & eBay - Angel's PC Additions

Here's a look at some of the cards I've picked up and added to my LA Angel's Collection. I obtained the first three cards through a local hobby shop located in the Beaverton, OR., while the last three were added to my collection through eBay. Now on to the cards I decided to pick up...

First card is of LA Angel's Pitcher Ervin Santana, one of my favorite pitcher's to watch. Ervin also has a pretty cool barb-wire tatoo that I find pretty interesting while he also sports an oversized chain with a cross that swings around his neck as he delivers toward the plate. This card here is a 2005 Leaf Certified Materials Autograh - Mirror Red Parallel Serial #'ed 218/250 - Card # in the set is 161. This is my first autographed rookie card of Ervin and I'm on the lookout for more to add to my collection. I found this one here for $5 at the local hobby shop and couldn't resist picking it up!

The second card I picked up from the same hobby shop for $5. I found this one here while filing through the endless 3000+ count boxes laid out filled with bargains. This card is cool because it has 4 jersey's of 4 Angel's, unlike those cards that may only contain 1-out-of-4 players you actually care about (I'm not a fan of those). The players here are Vladimir Guerrero, Howie Kendrick, Former Angel - Casey Kotchman, and Chone Figgins. Not much else to say besides the fact that this card is pretty awesome since it's all about them Angels. Not to bad of a pickup considering a pack of UD Ballpark was $20 at the same shop.

Card Details: 2008 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection - Quad Swatch Memorabilia - Guerrero/Kendrick/Kotchman/Figgins - #205 in set.

The third and final card I picked up at the shop is 2004 Topps Chrome First Year card of Ervin Santana. I picked this one up for $3 and figured why not it's a good place to start my Santana collection. All-in-all a great looking card and very pleased I picked this one up. Card # is 249 in the set.

Card Details: 2004 Topps Chrome - Ervin Santana First Year Card #249

Now on to some of my eBay pickup's:

First we have a 2009 Allen & Ginter's Ervin Santana that I purchased off the Bay for $1.25 + shipping. A pretty good deal considering I didn't even hit an auto in the $90 hobby box I purchased earlier. I like the fact that he added his #54 to his auto and looks like he actually puts some time and effort into signing the small space provided nicely. Another great card I'm pleased to add to my growing collection.

Card Details: 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter's - Ervin Santana Framed Mini Autograph #AGA-ES.

The next two cards are of Angel's second basemen Howie Kendrick. Although he spent some time earlier this year in the minor's Kendrick is still one of my favorite players on the Angel's.

Card Details: 2008 Upper Deck Masterpiece's - Howie Kendrick Stroke of Genius #SG-HK

Card Details: 2008 Upper Deck Premier Baseball - Howie Kendrick Premier Penmanship Autograph Serial #'ed 09/50. Card #PP-HK

That's a wrap on the lastest pickup's and there is surely more to be coming soon as I keep an eye out for cards I'd like to add to my collection. An update on a Angel's rainbow refractor set I'm working on from 2009 Topps Finest later.

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  1. I like that framed masterpieces auto. Those cards always look great with an auto...