Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mailday - Trade w/ Waxaholic!

I only received one package in the mail today and it was from Canada. Instantly I knew that these were the cards Waxaholic sent over for a trade we made in which I sent some O-Pee-Chee baseball cards his way to help him in his quest to complete his set. I'd like to review some of the highlights of the cards he sent my way and had no idea what to expect since I just told him to send any Angel's cards. Anyway on to the cards...

First a look at some of the Angel's singles he sent my way:

Here are three charcoal parallels not #'ed from 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Baseball... Very cool looking cards and I didn't have any of these so they are a great addition. The triple is cool cause I'm a fan of all three players on it... yeah, Manny's still a cool guy I guess. The cards are #84 Howie Kendrick, #103 Rod Carew, #186 Vladimir Guerrero, Ichiro, Manny Ramirez.

Now on to some of the other Angel's cards Waxaholic sent over.

Here's some 2009 O-Pee-Chee Baseball cards which are cool since I managed to get zero Halo's in my blaster box so this is a good start to collecting some Angel's from this set. It was cool that he sent over the black bordered since I like these a lot more then the base white borders. Anyway, my favorite off this bunch is the #FF1 - Vladimir Guerrero - Face of the Franchise insert card (Hit two home runs last night to help top the Ray's 8-7... props to Vlad). The other cards pictured are '09 OPC - #378 Brian Fuentes (the new closer in town), #566 - Kevin Jepsen (RC) (rookie mid-relief guy, nice), #910 - 20th Anniversary - Vladimir Guerrero (pictured as an expo, but hell I'll take it Vlad's the man), #252 - Brandon Wood black wal-mart (gets some playing time here and there hopefully will become a everyday guy soon).

Now here's the other singles I received that are not pictured in scans:
2009 UD OPC Baseball - #RM-13 Justin Morneau
1993 UD - #750 - Steve Frey
2003 Bowman Heritage - #195 Mike O'keefe [First Year Card]
2003 Bowman Heritage - #264 Sean Rodriguez [First Year Card]
1981 Fleer - #122 Don Baylor (some kind of peel card, sticker perhaps? anyway, pretty cool!)
1990 Donruss - #462 Richard (Rich) Monteleone

That wraps it up for the Angel's singles, but Brian a.k.a waxaholic/captain canuck sent me a few unopened basketball packs along with the cards so here's a look at some of the cards I got.

Here's a look at the cards/players I was familiar with out of my 1 pack of 1990 Fleer Basketball cards. Pictured here is current Portland Trailblazers Head Coach Nate McMillan, Best Damn Sports Show's John Salley, Reggie Miller, and former Blazer Buck Williams. Cool looking cards and glad I got a Nate McMillan must only be my 3rd or 4th McMillan card (maybe I'll start collecting some of his cards who knows).

I also received 1 pack of 1991 Fleer Basketball, 2 packs of series 1 1990 skybox basketball along with 2 packs of series 2. Here's a look at what the cards look like...

These cards reminded me of the day when I used to play NBA Jam on Super Nintendo w/ my brother. The card of Vernon Maxwell brought back a lot of memories because we used to tear up the court and bring down the backboards with the Hakeem Olajuwon / Vernon Maxwell Rockets combo. Olajuwon was my favorite player and of course the player I controlled in game while my brother took the role of 3pt bombing sidekick Maxwell.

Thanks to Waxaholic a.k.a. Brian for the cards and trade I hope you receive your cards soon I sent them out over a week ago! This was my first trade here in the blogging community and I'm looking forward to many more.

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